Friday, June 29, 2007

May Have to Get a Little Creative in The Garden

This might be something I will have to make in the near future. Isn't this just the coolest teepee trellis for vine growing plants? Pogo on organic gardening created the teepee. So cool!

German Angora Rabbits

Since these little cuties will be in this chapter of my life I'm going to expand on them. Show you there cuteness with some pics from the farm I will be buying a couple from. Top is a mama with her babies. Second is a buck and third some 10 day old kits. I can't wait for thier lovely poop. It's great for the garden and for composting.

Looks Like Were Making a Change

We are looking for a place to move to closer to Roger's work. Hence the title of my new blog. Moving to suburbia. Hence the web address farming in suburbia. We're going to make the most of living life in suburbia. We'll be composting, gardening (quite creatively with less room), and tending to a herd of Angora rabbits (ok, not a herd, but a bunch?) ; ) . Bungalow Farms is where I will be buying the rabbits in Sacramento. It's a big change from the farming life, but hey you do what you can with what you have at the time. New chapter of our lives I say, new chapter. I will have my goats again, I swear. Just not in this chapter, maybe the next. I might learn to love Angora fiber from the beautiful German Angora Rabbit creatures while living in suburbia. Atleast I won't have to worry about rattlesnakes in the yard. Oy!