Monday, January 28, 2008

Well, looks like were moving fast towards seed starting. I can't wait. Got everything set-up (well, except for what I posted below, the newspaper pots, I need to make LOTS of those, probably 500 or so). I just need to test the water bed heater pad to see if it will work for me. I ordered seeds from and . I can't wait to have them in my sweaty little palms. It's like Christmas when you get seeds. You have in your hands the starting of the next 7 months of work and the end result a yummy big tomato. I can hope it works out better this year with tomatoes. I'm armed with more knowledge and know how about these tomatoes this year. I can only hope I'm victorious with my feeding and watering of them. I'm also entering myself into a giant tomato contest. For more fun than anything. Hoping to get atleast a noteable mention. Also, selling tomato, herb, and flower starts this year. Hope to make some income. We'll see. It's not a big investment so I'm not looking to lose much if it doesn't work out.
So far this is what I'm looking at planting this year.
Arkansas Traveler
Illinois Beauty
Cherokee Purple
Caspian Pink
San Marzano
Marvel Stripe
Stump O' The World
Eva Purple Ball-Tomato Seeds
Aunt Ginny's Purple
Cherokee Choc.
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Giant Belgium (because I've entered the giant tomato contest at idig)
Brandywine - Red
Wapsipinicon Peach
Flame (Hillbilly)

Peter Peppers (because they look like what they are called and my BIL wanted to try them )
Early Jalepeno
Red Cheese Pepper

Casino Gold Corn

Bush Slicer Cucumber
Mexican Sour Gurkin

Profumo di Genova

Clemson Spineless Okra

Dark Green Zucchini

New England Sugar Pie
Mini - Jacks
Musquee de Provence
batwings (I know they are hybrid, but they are so darn cute! )

Butternut Squash

Ura Pole Beans
Tri-color Pole Beans
Purple Hull Cowpea

Beet Berry

Improved Green Globe Artichoke

Moon and Stars Watermelon

Nasturtiums and African Marigolds to keep the bugs away.

Part I of Newspaper Pot Making

It's pretty easy. Hope this helps someone who wants to re-plant transplants at a lower cost. I'm definately using it. ;-)

Part II of Newspaper Pot Making

All finished. I found these instructions at

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Seed Starting Set-up So Far For My Gardens

Shop lights and heating pads. One professional gardening heating pad and I'm also going to try a waterbed heating pad. It has a temp. control and everything. So I'm hopeful it will work. We'll see! This will have lots of seed trays in it at the end of the month. Yeah! Oh, and fans to keep them from going leggy.