Sunday, October 7, 2007

Here is a pic of our new yard and where I'm going to put the raised bed. Of course, Shelby and James had to get in the pic.
Here are my potted plants. My basil is looking sad.
Look! There is still life in this banana plant after all. Poor guy almost died and new green is coming out the top. We will have new leaves after all. Not all is lost! Yeah!

I still got it I tell ya! I got two wolf whistles yesterday in a 20 minute period of time while I was out riding my bike with my fam. Both times I was a little bit ahead of Roger and James in the trailer. I thought it was pretty funny because then they saw Rog and James go by. Hehe! Anyway, just thought it was funny!

So, I got my wood for my raised bed. Now I just have to fill it with dirt and plant my fall garden. Garlic, onion, carrots, kale, and what have you.


Lanna said...

Sure, the basil may look sad, but at least it's still alive. ;)

Cathy said...