Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Sowing - My New Project

So, this is my new project, winter sowing. The seeds are supposed to start germinating when they are ready to, when it is warm enough for them. Takes a lot of work and space I need for other crops out of it. Thanks Jen for the milk jugs. Would love more when you have them. ;-)
So first you find a reciptical for said winter sowing project. There are a lot of different things you can use for this. These are the only thing I have access to so milk jugs it is. Cut around the milk jug being careful to leave one of the labels intact so its easier to close. Poke 6-8 holes in the bottom with a sharp knife. Load up with a couple inches of dirt. I use PVFS potting soil and perlite mixed in. Water. Then plant your seeds.
Label receptical with duct tape on the bottom so the sun doesn't bleach it.
Tape where you cut the milk jug and leave it outside. Water if needed depending on how wet your climate is. It's not supposed to rain here for awhile so I will have to keep an eye on them.

Backyard Garden in the Winter

It still looks really good. So left to right in the back is strawberries, bright lights swiss chard, and artichokes in there half wine barrels. In the front left to right is rosemary, spearmint, chocolate mint, pineapple mint with coconut geranium on top, rhubarb with columbine in sm. pot on top.
I was hoping the artichokes would go a little more dormant so that I could transplant them in the new garden in the next month. Not sure what to do about that.
The swiss chard I have had since last Spring. I think it was supposed to bolt during the heat. Guess not.

Close-up of the left side.

Close-up of the right side.

Rhubarb is trying to come back already too, another plant I wanted to put in the new garden. Go dormant please!