Friday, March 7, 2008

My Community Garden Plots! Yeah!

I finally got my plots at the community garden. Yippee! This one is my biggest project. It's a half plot. To the left is the owner of the other half. She couldn't keep up with the whole thing so luckily I was able to attain it. The weeds are a lot of work though. Whew! My back and legs are a little sore. So far in about a day in a half (4 1/2 hours) I got as far as the mulched with straw part. I put newspaper down first and then the straw on top to really keep out the weeds. Crossing my fingers it works. Then later I will put two rows in. That way I can irrigate them easily. James has been a big help. Luckily he is letting me get in about an hour and a half each time we go. He likes looking for bugs, esp. the lady bugs. Those keep his interest for a long time. He does like to help put the weeds in the garden cart and take a ride to dump them out. He loves to throw the weeds in the weed pile. As soon as we get the weeds taken care of though we won't be at the garden as much until we actually need to get ready to plant after the last frost date. I think I'm going to put the artichokes in this plot, flowers, and whatever other veggie that don't fit in my big plot.
Here is my second plot. It is a full 20x24. Click on the pic to make it bigger if you need to. Whoever had it last mulched really well. So, only a couple weeds to take care of. They did leave behind a rosemary plant and some strawberries, but I don't think the berries are going to produce, atleast it doesn't look like it. Oh, and the right hand corner is a raised bed, but I think I'm going to take that out and put the teepee trellis for James there so it doesn't shade anybody else's garden. Mainly tomatoes, squash and beans will go here besides the companion plants that go with those. So exciting!


Not Hannah said...

Wow, it looks like you'll be able to put a lot of stuff in there! I know that must make you feel great.

BTW, I see that you're reading Prodigal Summer. This is my FAVORITE Barbara Kingsolver book, probably because it's set in a region I relate to. Have you read any of her other stuff?

Cathy said...

Yeah, this is the second time I'm reading it. I've read most of her stuff. Want to read Animal, Vegetable, Mineral next.