Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Finally one big tomato on the vine. Maybe, just maybe it will ripen on the vine. We'll see. May have to ripen on the counter. From my garden map this is supposed to be a Pineapple tomato.
One sad San Marzano tomato. I don't think it will get full size. Such a shame I had such aspirations for this variety. Will try again next year.
I pulled out my Sungold tomato plant. Look how long the roots are. Amazing!


LannaM said...

Oooh, definitely post how the ananas noire and marzano turn out before you break into 'em. My ananas noire did more of a green/pink/yellow thing than yellow, and my marzanos were kinda stripey so now I'm wondering whether they were actually marzanos... Hmmm...

Cathy said...

I wish I could break into the San Marzano, but that is about as big as it got. It's too cold now. Bummer.