Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tomato Seedlings, Winter Sowing and Transplants This Week

My tomato seedlings. Yeah! They look so great!
My transplants so far. Some from winter sowing others from seperating mint plants.

All my winter sowing stuff moved. Had to make room for transplants.

Mint transplants.


Donna D said...

WOW look at all of those!!! Way to go Cathy =D

Cathy said...

Thanks! Cool huh? I wish we lived closer so you could have a tomato plant or two.

Donna D said...

Yeah! They are kewl - oooh that would be yummy, organic homegrown tomatoes are the only kind I like, too! Sadly though I don't have a natural green thumb, but I want to work on that. Maybe I just need more detailed info on the plants I get, and how REALLY is best to care for 'em, not just what it says on the little tag... I'm determined to grow my own lettuce though.

Cathy said...

It takes some practice, but most things just like compost and water. Oh, and irrigation systems rock. Waste less water and the plants get watered more deeply. And then when you get the hang of it you become addicted! Muahahahahaha!