Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tomato seedlings! Yippee! These came up after only 4 days! Oh my! Good golly germination batman! These two varieties are both new seeds sold this year. Super fresh seeds. These I am growing intensively like last year in soiless seed starter mix from Peaceful Valley. It works great! And since I'm going to use thier potting soil I should not have any of the problems I did last year with the bad soil I got. Where's the thumbs up smilie when you need it. LOL!
Luffah seedling. They grow so sssllllooooowwwlllllyyyy. This seedling has been up for a few weeks now. They take off near the end of summer and get huge, but this first stage takes forever.

Mexican Gherkins. I can already tell they are doing much better than last years seedlings. That bad soil really did a number on all my plants I transplanted last year. Whew! Hopefully these will be ready the end of April for planting.


LannaM said...

What varieties are the new tomatoes?

Cathy said...

Oh, I forgot to say huh. Isis Candy and Caspian Pink. I love Isis Candy. Looking forward to trying Caspian Pink.