Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Garden

The full plot with compost and ready to plant. That's our lavender and strawberry plants that the were left from last year. The strawberries are so yummy.
Here is a close-up of our teepee (I know its crooked, it happens ;-)), if you click on the pic you can see the wire in the front for the beans to climb. You can also see the compost at the bottom of each part of the teepee trellis where I will plant some butternut squash, New England Pie Pumpkins, Mexican Gherkin, and some Spinning guards. We have to have something fun for James to pick. I'm so excited!
Here is my half plot. I will be planting Moon and Stars watermelon, Musquee de Provence , and zucchini. Maybe some flowers in between for some color.
Me on Mother's Day happily spreading my compost out and getting my plots ready to plant. I am so happy! It really seems darker out than it was. There was one other couple there spreading compost too. It was so nice.

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Kelli Jane said...

hi cathy..i've been meaning to tell you thanks for the kind words you emailed me a while ago. i miss slo too...thankfully, i get to shoot there still. can't wait to meet you too!