Friday, May 9, 2008

Luffa Sponges

Yes, many of the projects I would like to do. It was also suggested to put luffa sponge in a soap mold and poor the soap over the luffa. That would be an awesome scrub. Here are some pics from a fellow Idigger. Luffa Sponge making.

Will take pics of the garden Sat. Just need to make sure I have the camera with me. My father in law Phil is going to help me get a load of compost on Sat. so I can finally start my garden. Would have done this sooner except Roger's truck was totaled and there went my compost transportation with it. I have got the teepee up and need to get some wire up for the bean tunnel for infront of the teepee. Hopefully we can get that done tonight.;-)

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