Saturday, July 5, 2008

Garden as of 7/4

So much greener lately. We finally got a sign for our plot.
Yeah, a pumpkin. Cinderella pumpkin. I have to go to the garden every day just to keep the plant from creeping everywhere except our plot.
New England Pie pumpkin hanging in the tepee. The vine supposeably will strengthen as the pumpkin grows, we'll see, its a small variety pumpkin so I think it will be alright.
Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. Yeah, for tomato's. After all my trouble with the transplant soil I thought I'd never have tomatoes. I need to go get some wedding favor bags so I can start saving seed. These are sungold tomatoes, I forgot, I can't save seed for them. They are my only hybrid. I can't wait to add them to pesto pasta though. Mmmmm.....

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