Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tomatoes finally turning color. Maybe they will be ready for pesto pasta salad on Saturday.
Cinderella pumpkin getting big.
I think this is a Musquee pumpkin, but with how much the pumpkin vines are intertwined I have no idea.
Happy gardener eating yummy strawberries.


AJK said...

He's such a cutie!

Cathy said...

Aw, thanks!

Nadine Marksteiner said...


You have really nice pictures. You should go to mainmag.net and upload your pictures and make them into fridge magnets and send them to your family and friends. It would make a great Christmas gift



Annemarie said...

I also live in Carmichael and am attempting Biointensive gardening methods in our backyard. I put in fava beans, oats, root vegetables, bok choy, spinach & lettuce. Wish I did more. I want to put in potatoes and garlic quick before it is too cold or wet. Pleasant Valley catalog has good ones but I don't want that much quantity. Local nurseries seem to get them & run out quickly. Anyone want to split an order? Also I am turning up old thatched lawn for a green crop to build up the soil before spring. I'm planning on peas & misc grains in a plot 25x25 for now per the methods used in Willits. It would be great to share info with any other local Carmichael gardeners. (I use round up but otherwise trying it without commercial products). Most of my vegs are in raised beds. In the spring we are hoping to put in a cash crop of pumpkins and beans/edamame/peas together. I need recommendations on varieties that fare well here, preferably open pollinated.