Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Direct Seed vs. Transplant, First Zucchini, and Little Bitty Pumpkin

Baby pumpkin.
My first Zucchini of the year. Yippee! And it won't be the last and I will be here complaining about how many silly zucchini's I have and how I'm sick of eating them soon. LOL!

Here is my direct seed (left front) vs. transplant (right front) of squash and pumpkins results. Look how the direct seeded plant on the left has bigger leaves and is a lot greener and healthier looking. Now we wait to see how they produce.
Green beans on the left finally starting to fill in the tunnel to the tepee. And my cucumber plant on the right with little bitty teany tiny cucumbers on it.


Amy said...

Our zucchini's look like twins! Too cute!

Cathy said...