Monday, June 9, 2008

First Pumpkin of 2008, Musquee, and Tomato

Awww.... Look at that, my first pumpkin, hopefully. The flower is still open so I don't know if it's been fertilized or not yet, but there is a male flower open at the same time, so cross your fingers. This will be a cinderella pumpkin (Rouge Vif d' Etampes ). Hope there will be two, one for Jen and one for us for Halloween, anymore than that I will see how it tastes cooked, then freeze the rest for Thanksgiving and Christmas pies.
Musquee de Provence. I just love the leaves, so cool. This will be an eating pumpkin.
My biggest tomato. Hopefully we will get something. There were so many varieties I wanted to try, I hope they pull through. I think this one is doing the best because it was totally taken out of that yucky soil that the others are still in when I transplanted them. I should have taken all that soil off all of them. Oh well, next time I will know, if this happens again. By the way it was Edna's Best potting soil I used for transplanting in. I should have used Peaceful Valley's Organic Potting soil like last year when my plants did so well.

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John said...

Love your blog! The pumpkin plant has really cool leaves. Maybe I'll try one of those in the future. Hope your tomato plant does well.